• EU standard rubber tiles from the manufacturer
    EU standard rubber tiles from the manufacturer
    Safe and flexible rubber surfaces for multifold use.

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Reflex from Nádland: Versatile rubber flooring

The most important issue: The safety of our kids

It is inevitable for our kids’ healthy development to play outside regularly. The youngsters will have better sleep and manners because they can shout and consume all their energy while playing outside. By climbing, jumping, running or riding the bike, they can relieve all stress. With such exercise, the adolescent muscles and bones are getting stronger and healthier. What is more, the lung develops a lot and the kids’ overall condition is getting better.

However, during this oblivious activity, the kids are often pushing their limits. This is where safety comes in as an issue. Thus, it is of extreme importance, that children should be granted with an environment, which limits the possible causes that endangers them

To give our kids the safest environment for playing, the first step must be an appropriateflooring.

ReFlex rubber tiles, made from recycled tires, are green and cost-efficient solutions to ensure safe and flexible flooring in these cases.

Reflex rubber tiles are safe because:

  • Excellent shock-mitigation according to the MSZ EN 1176 standard (TÜV-KERMI)
  • Non-slipping surface: The rubber tiles have a special drainage system, which ensures that it can be used safely right after rainfalls. This characteristic can be really useful on playgrounds, stairs, garden paths or even on swimming pool surroundings.
  • Soft and flexible surface: It can preserve the joints and lower the possibilities of sprains or bone injuries.
  • Equable flexibility: It doesn’t wear-out like grass or sandstone at places where it is used frequently.
  • Hygienic: No muddy surfaces, easy to clean.

The tiles are cost-efficient because:

  • Easy and quick to install
  • No need for maintenance
  • Long life-span
  • Damaged or outworn tiles can be replaced separately and easily.

The tiles are versatile because:

  • A perfect solution for playgrounds, terraces, stairs, garden paths, sports tracks and for swimming pool surroundings.
  • A wide range of available colors and sizes ensure that ReFlex rubber tiles are the best choices in every circumstances.
  • The rubber tiles are manufactured by the producer in Hungary, so all special requests can be satisfied.
  • In addition to the fact that it is safe, the rubber tiles provide good sound- and thermo insulation as well.

From the designing board to implementation

Dealing with all the hardships of designing, manufacturing and installing the rubber tiles is our job. That is why we can give a long-lasting guarantee on our products. Our products are constantly developed according to new ideas and experiences. Thus, the ReFlex rubber tiles can be considered as real pioneers on the market of rubber floorings

Socially Responsible: Recycled materials

In todays industrialized times, it is an inevitable duty of all responsible entrepreneurs to reduce the environmental impact of their products. We are trying to achieve the most by using waste-materials, like used tires.

All products that you find on www.reflex-rubbertile.com are manufactured of outworn rubber tires, which had been grinded to granules, and cleaned by a special process. That is how a dangerous waste-material is turned into something, which can mean joyful hours to kids on a playground.


Rubber tiles around the swimming pool: Safety and elegance at the same time

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Our brands

ReFlex rubber tiles are manufactured in Hungary for all countries of Europe. Thanks to our unique product development, ReFlex playground floorings, EquiFlex and AgroFlex stable floorings provide you a reliable and long lasting surfacing solution.

ReFlex Hobby Rubber tile – Flexible flooring

Sizes (cm) Thickness Colors
100x100, 50x50 2 cm


ReFlex Fall-protection – Flexible rubber tiles

Sizes (cm) Thickness Colors
100x100, 50x50 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 cm


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EquiFlex rubber tiles – Stable flooring

Sizes (cm) Thickness Colors
100x100 4, 5, 6, 7 cm


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AgroFlex rubber tiles – For livestock breeding

Sizes (cm) Thickness Colors
100x100 2, 6 cm


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  • Rubber tile borders
  • Garden path tiles
  • Rubber tile glue


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